Friday, 3 October 2014

Seen on the bus

Number W15 - Leyton to Hackney
  • A extremely portly man, snoring so loudly that even the people wearing headphones could hear him.
  • A teenage girl, taking her little brother to primary school, quietly reading out loud to him as he sits on her lap. 
  • A tall man, with a rakish cut over one eyebrow, carrying a spade.
  • An elegant lady with a bright pink scarf knotted jauntily around her throat, who sits very still with her eyes shut.
  • A mother with five swarming children all in primary school uniform who like to jump off the seats and swing from the poles.
  • A man with a pair of women's opaque black tights on his head.
  • A boy and his Dad trying to do maths homework together.
  • A rainbow of chattering teenagers, in the various brightly coloured blazers of Hackney's high schools and academies.  At least two local schools require their pupils to wear vivid purple blazers and ties.

Homework on the bus
Two heads are better than one - maths homework on the bus

The man in the seat in front of me was wearing a pair of women's opaque tights on his head #onlyinhackney #bus #London
Tights on head


  1. It all seemed pretty normal for a day in London until the bit with the man with tights on his head!

  2. Tights on head, excellent, you just don't get that kind of thing on the bus round here, I'm very envious.

  3. love these posts. purple blazers, wow, we're all dressed in black here............

  4. Love your lists. Makes me keen to spot details in everyday life.

  5. Hmm. Those tights look bobbly to me. Obviously been worn a few times!

  6. Oh the joys of travelling by public transport!

  7. Tights on the head! Fabulous!! I do miss the window on life you get from a London bus. Travelling out here on a bus in the (northern) sticks is VERY different!


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