Wednesday, 1 October 2014

The new normal

I am back at work; charging so very fast towards mid-December when I will qualify.

It is good to be working again, and to feel useful and skilled, but I'd forgotten how busy and chaotic everything can seem when I am working.  I am trying to remember to use my commute as a way of easing in and out of the working day. 

These past three weeks, I've been working in Hackney - very close to home.  I commute by bus, which is far more frustrating and unreliable than taking the tube, but has more interesting views.

Reflections. It was cold this morning. #london #reflections #window #hackney

Welcome to Leyton #london #leyton #home #sky

7:20am - walking to the bus stop. A perfect crisp, sunny autumn morning. #london #nofilter #sky

Seen from the bus: lovely houses along the canal at Hackney Marshes #hackney #london #sky

The bin man has lost his gloves #hackney #london #lost

A very elegant woman in a magnificent green pashmina, with the velodrome in the background. #onthebus #london #joysofcommuting

Oh bus, where art thou? #joysofcommuting #london #leyton #bus #sky

Despite a ban on bikes on the buses, the kind bus driver picked up a cyclist who'd had an accident. She's okay - just a nasty gash to her leg - but the bike has a broken chain. Luckily Hackney has plenty of bike repair shops as well as a hospital. #joysof  

I'm tired, energised, busy, constantly carrying around a heavy bag of books and clothes, losing track of which day it is, spritzing hairspray on my up do, texting the children to remind them to do their chores, feeling full of purpose...and also starting to feel a little bit as though this is the new normal.  And this is A Good Thing.  


  1. I've commented before but have to confess to being a bit of a lurker. Anyway, probably about two years ago I made a comment regarding how I found your posts about training to be a nurse very interesting and quite inspirational (without wanting to sound too over the top!). At the time I'd applied to do teacher training. Well, I've now successfully completed my course and am an NQT in my mid forties. Life has become chaotic and disorganised here too, but as you say, I think it is a good thing. Though just a little more time to catch up on a few things would be good - I'd love to do some crochet for example but simply do not have the time at the moment. It will come soon enough :)

  2. Having trouble posting,hope you only get this once!
    Hi Nancy. I found your blog in the Summer during a bad patch with my hughes syndrome. I read all your posts and felt inspired. I took up walking and feeling stronger applied for a job. I will be teaching again in Jan! Thanks for the inspiration☺

  3. You're an inspiration Nancy, I love your constantly positive attitude. Your patients will be very lucky to have you. CJ xx

  4. wow, nearly qualified, that's amazing. so very proud of you x

  5. Blimey,how quickly time flies!! Life is good when it's busy, lovely to have a full diary but also important to have a bit of balance. It looks as if you're achieving nothing of those beautifully xx

  6. Okay this is a weirdly practical comment but... chores? I have an almost-16-yr-old and I struggle to get him to do anything. To be honest the amount of nagging I'd need to do and the number of times I'd have to re-do those chores properly - it's easier to do it myself! But I do need some help. What sort of things do your kids do to help you and how well do they do it?!

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