Tuesday, 30 October 2007

A beautiful place

Its not all bad where I work. In fact I love the City very much. Here are some of the reasons why:
  • My sister works just round the corner from me so we can meet up for drinks and dinner whenever we're not too busy.
  • All my favourite shops are a mere stroll from my office (Jones The Bootmaker, Space NK, Monsoon, Gap, Links...mmmm......)
  • There are more coffee shops, cafes and restaurants than people.
  • There is no litter or graffiti whatsoever.
  • There is always a new building going up, and big cranes to watch.
  • It is full of street names that tell old stories: Milk Street, Honey Lane, Poultry, Fish Street Hill, Limeburner Lane.
  • I love the architecture so much - both the very ancient and the achingly modern.

Here are some more pictures I took in the sunshine this lunchtime.


  1. Is the first picture Bow Lane? My first job was in Groveland Place (opposite the Library Bar and Marthas...very fond memories!).

  2. Yes, its Bow Lane - well spotted! There is now a posh chocolate shop next door to a Links and opposite a Jones The Bootmaker - all my basic needs covered!

  3. Beautiful photos...and glad you cleverly avoided any potential holes in the pavement where the roadwork signs were.phew!


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