Monday, 22 October 2007

This time 5 years ago....

...I was:
  • enjoying the party atmosphere of four midwives, my mother and G in the room with me as I was in labour
  • in disbelief that I could have forgotten how much it HURT
  • fretting about C and whether he was going to be put out to come back from Nursery and discover a new sister
  • extremely relieved that my children would not quite share a birthday
  • determined to do things differently second time around - rest properly and let everyone fuss over me
  • enjoying all the pretty pink baby clothes that had suddenly appeared
  • pleased to find out that I was after all the sort of person who wanted her mother with her at the birth. I never thought that would be me, but it turns out it was, and I'm very glad it was.


  1. AHHHHHHH- so very sweet and lovely...I WANT ONE!!! have gone all gooey inside. Check out the proud granny too. Not sure if I would want anyone there with me personally, but I guess you don't know til it happens (well ok, perhaps a midwife, to hand out the drugs...)

  2. happy bday, O! :)



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