Friday, 5 October 2007

A blue mood

My friend Gill has made me this sweet little blue and green chick. I was so pleased with it; not just because it is a lovely thing and Gill made it for me, but also because of its blue and green colours. Gill makes lots of things, but doesn't really 'do' the colour blue. I love blue though - it is my favourite colour in every shade - so I feel as though I need to persuade Gill into making more things in blue.

After far too many dreary, cold and wet days, the weather here has suddenly turned bright and autumnal again. I hung the children's school shirts on the line this morning and was dazzled by the matching crisp blues of the shirts and the sky.

Here are some other blues that I love:

  • C's bright blue eyes
  • bluebells on the forest floor in the spring
  • my pretty blue shoes with bows on the toes (only to be worn on hot, dry days - I once called G to pick me up from the tube - about a five minute walk from home - because it had started to rain and I didn't want to spoil my blue shoes)
  • the blue cloth wall hanging (now extremely faded) that G has had for nearly twenty years and which I am too sentimental about to get rid of
  • a bright, sparkling, blue sea

Who says 'blue and green should never be seen'? I have just noticed that all of these pictures contain greens as vivid as the blues!

I am making something of my own from blue fabric at the moment - a little quilt for O's dolls' bed. I went to the local quilt shop a few weeks ago and was beguiled into buying some pretty fabric scraps to 'make something with'. I eventually settled on the idea of a little quilt, but I will be pairing the pale blue with more traditional (and more acceptable to O's taste) pinks.


  1. Ahhh, my heart gave a little leap when I saw you had done a new entry! LOVE the chicken-she should sell them!! I would buy one,especially if it was done in red. Hmm. May have to copy your colour blog and do red things- they are taking over the house!!xx

  2. love the photo of the blue jeans / blue skies! just poetic! love coming here reading and getting a taste of what's going on in your life, Nancy! :)



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