Monday, 28 January 2008

Places where I have found sticky patches of marmalade today

  • On the handle of the bread machine bucket
  • On the side of the kettle
  • On the bread board
  • On the hens' food bowls
  • Underneath the kitchen taps
  • On O's clean school shirt, hanging on the drying rack
  • On the biggest leaf of my 10 year old African Violet
I'm so glad seville oranges are only in season for about 3 weeks each year.


  1. What, not smeared all down the front of the fridge door?
    Love those jars!

  2. Looks very tasty indeed, I shall look forward to trying it!x

  3. oh but you can also have sticky patches on hot buttered toast, on apple shortbread slice, on crumpets, and just off the spoon! yummy!

  4. LOL! This sound like me cleaning up afer DH. He's 45, but give him jam and it's like tidying up after a 3 year old! Your marmalade looks wonderful. We're down to one jar left of marmalade I made in December before Christmas. It went fast! Happy Day ((HUGS))


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