Tuesday, 22 April 2008


No matter how lovely it may be, by this time of the year I am always thoroughly sick of my winter coat, and I long to be able to put it away until the autumn. But what to wear during these 'in between' seasons when it is too warm for a thick coat and scarf, but too chilly for just a t-shirt? What you need is a poncho!

Now I just LOVE ponchos. I remember even as a small child thinking that they were surely one of the best and weirdest items of clothing ever. Other than a brief few weeks about five years ago I don't think they've ever been fashionable, and once Ugly Betty started wearing a particularly hideous one to work I think even more people went off them. But I don't mind - they are great!

When I wear mine I feel as though I am wrapped up in a blanket. They are cosy and comforting. They're easy to wear. Throw them over your head and go. They have a slightly dashing air about them. They twirl out when you turn a corner. Small children like to stroke the fringes. At the bank where I work, my poncho makes quite a startling change from the more sedate suits and belted macs that people are used to seeing.

I have two ponchos now. The black one is crocheted cotton, bought a few years ago from Topshop. It is very light, and drapes beautifully. The pink one is a recent purchase from Sweetbrier's Etsy shop and is much thicker and warmer. Perfect for the weather right now. I love how something so beautiful and handmade, all the way from Kentucky, now travels on the Tube and hangs around the school playground!

The only downside of wearing my poncho is perhaps an inevitable one. I love them, so O loves them too. I bought her one last year that is still much loved. When she saw me putting on mine this morning, then she decided to wear hers too. We were having a twee 'Mini me' moment in the playground that did make me squirm slightly.

But it was worth it, because after I'd dropped her off I got to travel into work, wrapped in my own blanket of cosiness.


  1. awww - you two look adorable in your ponchos!


  2. Do you have that coat? What colour? I wanted it desperately and then when I went to buy one, it was gone! Damn!
    I've been deliberating on getting my poncho out (we call them 'ponka's'...for some reason!) It's not as bright or with such a lovely story behind it as yours, but snuggly all the same!

  3. Wow, it's great! Love the swishy photo, and it's very sweet that O wants to copy you. Like Dragonfly I wish I had bought that coat rather than the cord one. Yours looks so much smarter, whereas the cord one looks a bit scruffy now. I am quite addicted to cardigans, myself..x


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