Friday, 4 April 2008

Talking about the weather in a terribly British kind of way

Spring has sprung.

And the chickens and I are most disappointed that there is going to be snow, hail, frost and all sorts this weekend.


  1. The weather people have been known to get it wrong though haven't they?! Hopefully we'll all get time to spend in the garden. I need to, mine's like a jungle! I love your chickens, what breeds are they?

  2. you know ... I learned that when the weather people say that there is a (less than 60%) chance of rain, it means that it is likely in THE DESERT, or THE MOUNTAINS ... not in the city. Don't know why, but ever since someone told me that, I have seen it be true over and over again. So ... maybe? Mabye they mean in RUSSIA. Or China. Not the UK? yeah.

  3. I hope the forecasters have it wrong, and that it stays pretty and spring-like for you! Love seeing your photos. What kind of camera do you use?


  4. Hmm, quite a good excuse for not mowing the lawn though, and instead staying in and baking rhubarb and orange cake, me thinks.x

  5. cold, wet, wild and windy is what we have here, brrrrrr.
    roll on summer...

  6. I really enjoyed looking at your blog. You have so many lovely photographs and also I am in Canada and it is interesting the differences and similarities.


  7. Lovely photo's... So far this week we have had 15 degrees and lovely and warm and sunny, then 3-4 inches of snow, some hail and rain! Is it really spring? Today we have had lovely sunshine though and it has been just lovely
    Take Care
    Clare x


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