Monday, 30 June 2008

Birthday colours

On the one hand I feel a little grey because I am a whole year older, and not that much wiser.

On the other hand, I feel sprightly and bright after a great birthday weekend full of colour and madness and lots of fantastic presents.



  1. Happy Birthday to youuuuu
    Happy Birthday to youuuuu
    Happy Birthday dear List Writerrrrr
    Happy Birthday to youuuuu.
    Are those persephone books I spy? And new fabric? How splendid. Hope you've had a wonderful day xx

  2. happy birthday wishes to you, looks like you got some lovely presents, and I hope there was cake!

  3. Happy Birthday Nancy!! Hope it was a wonderful one!

  4. I hope you had a successful sew-in and that you enjoyed watching Wimbledon this afternoon. A very Happy Birthday to you! Love Ma xx

  5. Awwww - Nancy - I totally lost it this year. I got your birth date wrong and wished you an early happy bday and then when it really rolled around STILL didn't get it! I hope you had a marvelous day! :)


  6. Happy Birthday to Little Sally
    Spingle Spungle Sporn
    Who on this wondrous day was born.
    And Happy Birthday likewise
    To Frederic Futzen Fell
    Who was born upon this wondrous day as well!
    Happy Birthday likewise
    To Waldo Wilbur Force
    Happy Birthday also
    To Paul Revere's fine horse!
    But most of all we sing
    To honor you, Nancy!!!!
    Born upon this great great greaaaaaaaaaaaat daaaaaay toooooo.

    And I like your new photo.

    Here's to another wonderful year of lists!

    :D Wendy Wendster Wenderilla


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