Saturday, 7 June 2008

Quilt (dis)harmony - and a tag

You can see the problem can't you?
The quilt I made just isn't big enough. G and I are sharing it - one night on his side of the bed and one night on my side of the bed. We both claim to sleep better under the quilt than without it. The non-quilt person has to make do with a £5 fleece throw from Ikea, which is no compensation at all frankly.

And neither of us would even consider letting the children join in with our quilt rota. Sleeping under it every other night is bad enough, but every fourth night? You have to be joking.

So to avoid family discord, I have started the next quilt.

It is a king sized fence rail quilt that will be big enough to cover our entire bed. The children can then start their own quilt-on-bed rota with the first one (so in fact I am under no illusions - I will be making a third and probably fourth quilt soon after finishing the giant fence rail one).




Anna at All Things Lovely has bribed me with chicken photos to do this tag questionnaire:


What were you doing 10 years ago?


Ten years ago I was in the brief period between starting my relationship with G, and C being born. We had about a year of loved-up hedonism before the shock of parenthood hit (and with hindsight perhaps the shock of parenthood was partly due to the glamourous activities of the previous year suddenly being curtailed!).


G and I had just moved in together. We lived in a flat about a mile from where we live now that had huge windows, a tiny kitchen, hideous furniture and a spare room that housed G's drum kit.


I was working for the same company I work for now (and moaning about it, much like I do now!) and studying for my accountancy qualification in the evenings. G was working as a sound mixer at a studio in Soho and would come home and casually say things like:

"I worked with that bloke all the girls fancy today,"

"What bloke?"

"You know the one - goes out with that girl in Friends"

"Brad Pitt??"

"Yeah - him. He was doing a voice over for his film trailer. Nice bloke"


A friend had just started importing absinthe after the EU relaxed some law or other about its manufacture. There were a lot of parties, festivals, clubs, weekends camping and nights out. It was a good time.


Five things on my to do list today

There is a list - obviously.

  • Post a copy of Hello magazine to my Mum in France
  • Take O to her ballet lesson
  • Get the children's sleeping bags out of the loft, because we are going round to my brother-in-laws for dinner tonight and the children are coming too but will probably want to go to sleep before we are ready to come home. Sleeping in sleeping bags on your uncle's bed is a lot of fun when you are small!
  • Find and wrap a present for O to take to her friend's party this afternoon.
  • Wash all the week's school uniform.

Snacks I enjoy

  • Green & Blacks espresso chocolate
  • leftovers from the fridge
  • dried apricots
  • a glass of cold milk
  • peanuts

Things I would do if I were a billionaire

  • Say to everyone "See - playing the lottery on a regular basis is NOT a daft waste of money!"
  • Move closer to C & O's school
  • Share my good fortune with my brother, sister, brothers in law and sisters in law.
  • Get a second eglu and more chickens
  • Not fly everywhere and pollute the atmosphere, but travel first class on the trains instead.

Places I have lived

  • Marsh Baldon, Oxfordshire
  • Norwich
  • Cambridge
  • Brisbane, Australia
  • Roanoke, VA in the US
  • London - and this is where I'm staying now.


  1. How come I've not spotted G & B's espresso chocolate? Will keep my eyes peeled.
    This has been a great tag doing the rounds, yours was great!

  2. Really like your new quilt, it's going to be beautiful when it's finished. Think it's quite fair to make small people share, as well, it's character building! (not that they need their characters building, oh you know what I mean!)
    Think you guys should come up here on the train one day-the railway station is right next door to the Wildfowl trust!x

  3. i can't wait to see your new quilt!

  4. this is a fun tag and your answers were great! love the quilt story, it will be lovely when it's finished - king sized is very ambitious - how are you going to quilt it? tying might be the quickest...


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