Saturday, 18 April 2009

My strawberry girl

O has always loved strawberries.

In her first summer - when she was just 9 months old - she would squeal with delight when she saw them and then smoosh them into her mouth with her little fat fists, as fast as she could.

Then in the summers when she was at home during the week and C at school, she and I would go to the PYO and collect punnets and punnets of berries on my days off.

She's still mad for them now and helps me make the jam each year.

So her quilt has to be a strawberry quilt. The pattern is from Material Obsession - a book which I've had for over a year and which I keep coming back to for the delight of its photos. I am going to make this quilt, with appliqued strawberry panels and a mixture of light, bright aquas and pinks for the surrounding squares.

Today I spent a happy few hours cutting out and sewing the strawberry panels. Don't they look pretty in the sunshine?

The next step is cutting 184 four and a half inch squares from fifteen different fabrics for the sashing. Yikes. I am wondering if I can have it finished in time for this year's strawberry season?


  1. The applique strawberries are gorgeous (I'm a bit of a fan myself!)

  2. ooh - it's going to be fabulous nancy!

  3. ooh, strawberries.... it looks great

  4. wow- it is going to be one beautiful looking quilt! You and I need to discuss quilts, me thinks. Shall email you now!xx

  5. just gorgeous!

    use a rotary cutter for the squares is my advice......xx

  6. That quilt is going to be beautiful. I hope you post a picture of it when it's done.


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