Thursday, 23 April 2009

Ten things

Okay - enough navel gazing about the small and unimportant things. Here's what's on my mind today.
  • I finally found my missing bike lock key so I am all about the bike again this week. Helped by this amazing clip from YouTube, which has been seen over a million times, but is new to me. The railings! Cor.
  • I made some poppy seed rolls this morning and have taken twenty photos of them. This is surely some kind of sickness...TWENTY photos of bread rolls??
  • Last night I went to I Knit London after work for some social knitting. It was lovely and a world away from work worries. I think I'll go back. They have a bar, so you can knit, admire the amazing yarns stacked up around the shop, and drink Westons. Really what could be nicer?
  • C's favourite books of the moment are the Warrior Cats series by Erin Hunter - apparently big in the US but not so well known here. If you want an adventure story for older children that's a little bit different from the usual dragon or spy themed fare, give them a try.
  • The Archers at the moment is going through one of its so-good-but-so-frustrating phases. That Annette! Deeply irritating. And why are Tom and Brenda being such eejits? Usha's moaning about her marathon training is almost aggravating as my whining about Tesco's choice of cheese.
  • I'm sewing felt brooches - trying to use up some of my fabric scraps, but really just alarming myself with the amount of fabric scraps I have.
  • I need to get new passports for O and myself. My photos are truly awful, but so are O's which makes me feel a bit better.
  • I gave a neighbour some eggs, and she gave me some delicious handmade toiletries in return.
  • Is everyone else really missing Woolworths as well, now that school summer dress season is here?
  • I baked a cherry and almond loaf cake this morning too. Only took three photos of it. Much saner.


  1. The new photo is really nice. It shows a different you! Can I ask where you get your energy from - any spare, please send it my way...

  2. i miss woolies as well :-(
    the baking looks fab although i dont seem to have chance to take pics before i tuck into whatever ive made so am impressed at your willpower as that loaf looks yummy
    Lesley x

  3. So I am not the only person in the world that listens to the Archers. Thank goodness for iplayer that I can still listen from the other side of the world.

  4. Where do you buy wellies, if not from woolies? Garden centres seem to have a lot, but they cost £10+, whereas woolies was a lot less.

  5. I constantly miss Woolworths. Dressing up clothes, socks, DVDs, lightbulbs, Things You Didn't Need...


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