Sunday, 5 April 2009

Things I have learnt

This weekend my younger sister was married to her soldier. I was very good and only referred to her as My Little Sister twelve times and My Baby Sister nine times. I shall now be referring to her as My Married Sister.

Things I have learnt as a result of my (Baby) sister getting married:

  • I get more emotional at weddings as I get older. I cried on the Groom's shoulder after the speeches, I cried when my Mother smiled at me in the chapel, I cried at the first dance and I cried when I saw my sister's place setting for dinner with 'Mrs' at the front of her name.
  • Maybe the crying is partly the champagne.
  • That sometimes the weather is just perfect.
  • That looking after children at weddings gets vastly easier with every year of their life. I barely saw C & O unless there was food on offer.
  • Small boys are in awe of real life soldiers, with real life swords. And spurs!
  • That small girls (and grown up girls) also love a soldier. Especially when they are wearing raspberry coloured trousers and carrying swords.
  • That my daughter is going to be TROUBLE in ten years time. She ran up to me, breathless, at about half past eleven in the evening and said "Mum! I'm dancing with soldiers!" and then ran back to the dance floor.
  • Please note the use of the plural in that last sentence.
  • That I should not share a hotel room with my children. Ever. One talks in his sleep and is prone to attacks of cramp in the middle of the night. The other snores like an old bear.
  • That family and old friends restore your soul.


With thanks to my father in law for some of these photos, and also to Sue and Katie and several others for their VERY kind words about this blog.


  1. Oh my. Just look at that sword in the last photo...heehee.
    O looks absolutely beautiful in her princess dress, and baby sister A just brimming with happiness. What better could you have asked for? A weekend of sunshine, champagne pretty dresses delicious food and soldiers in raspberry coloured trousers!
    I am so pleased you had a wonderful time, I kept sighing yesterday and saying "It's N's sisters wedding today!" (lots of interest, as you can imagine, from the men in my life!)x

  2. Oh how lovely.

    All of it.

    ps. word verif is coadets!

  3. It looks so wonderful.

    There's something about marrying off a sibling which is very tear inducing (in a good way).

  4. oh what a beautiful wedding xx everyone looks gorgeous, and I see you've sneaked a new photo of you in the corner! what fun for the bridesmaids to have soldiers to dance with. but your brother in law didnt wear his uniform?
    hope you didn't have too much of a champagne hangover! xxx

  5. how gorgeous does your little girl look :-) and a very handsome son as well :-)
    had to laugh at the "dancing with soldiers" comment :-D
    i do get teary a lot easier nowadays !
    looks like a lovely wedding
    lesley x

  6. How tight are those raspberry trousers??????

  7. I'm not sure about the raspberry. I share the tightness concerns.


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