Sunday, 11 October 2009

Far Eastern colour in the East End of London

On a wet, gloomy, autumn weekend in East London, what better way to brighten things up than with a trip to the Asian ribbon shop at Walthamstow market?

I was extremely (and quite uncharacteristically) restrained and merely came away with four metres of ribbon, a spool of silk embroidery thread and an armful of brown ricrac.

And I spent less than four pounds.

I am now looking around for some plain denim or linen to embellish with these happy, vibrant colours. Just the thing to brighten up autumn a little bit.

Thank you all so much for your wonderful suggestions regarding American food in the comments on my last post. How could I have forgotten the fish I ate in America? The soft-shelled crabs, the clam chowder, the shrimp! All so very good.


  1. I want I want I want, there must be one in Glasgow surely????

  2. Wow!!! That's beautiful! I feel another trip to london coming on-you up for it?!x

  3. OOo! The twinkly mirrors!

    Tell us what you do with them, won't you?

  4. just divine, my hubby is just back from Asia, did he bring me amazing ribbons, no - prunes....

  5. Now that is some gorgeous ribbon!!! Aaah, the joys of living in a city like London that has an Asian ribbon shop.


  6. I just hopped over here from dottycookie. The colour of these braids and ric rac is beautiful. It's done the job - my evening is officially cheered.

  7. Beautiful stuff! What will you do with it and the denim or lenin you find?


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