Friday, 23 October 2009

It's autumn now

London has such a mild climate. With this year's long, sunny September it seemed as if every last drop was being eked out of summer and autumn was never going to come. I love autumn the best of all the seasons, and this year it has arrived with us in London very gently and subtly - over the last week. Just in time for the clocks to go back on Sunday.

Here's how I know that it is now autumn.
  • The leaves are just beginning to change colour and drop. I need to start sweeping the back yard.
  • It is cool enough in the mornings to wear my pashmina and a woollen hat (but no coat yet).

  • My veg box had the first of this year's parsnips in it this week.
  • The autumn germs have arrived in our house - and we've run out of sore throat sweets.
  • The light from the bright autumn sunshine, streaming through the windows onto my knitting, is just beautiful.


  1. Thanks for reminding me about the clocks, I'd forgotten all about that!
    Great post....wooly hats all the way I say!!
    Have a lovely weekend,
    Jane. x

  2. Argh, yes, the clocks. It catches me out most years.

  3. I love the watering can!

  4. This Sunday?! Goodie - an extra hour in bed methinks!
    A&C should be very grateful for all this free advertising!

  5. The clocks DID NOT help us this year. Children just don't understand.


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