Sunday, 18 October 2009

My weekend in numbers

Wow - what a weekend.

  • candles blown out - 17
  • sandwiches made - about 42
  • balloons blown up - 12
  • balloons later popped - 12
  • exciting middle of the night text messages recieved - 2
  • new nephews born - 1
  • bottles of cider drunk - 1 large one
  • tombstone cakes baked and iced - 1
  • cupcakes baked and iced - 16
  • amount of chocolate consumed by my children - I just dread to think
  • times we sang Happy Birthday - 2
  • party bags given out - 11
  • black bin bags filled with paper plates, wrapping paper and half eaten biscuits - 3
  • hugs and kisses - loads


  1. Congratulations on your new family member! How exciting.

  2. Happy birthdays, especially to the new arrival!

  3. Phew and there was I thinking I had a busy weekend!!
    Great parties and party food. Happy Birthdays to all, and congratulations Auntie teeny tiny he looks.
    Jane. x

  4. Your weekend looks not dissimilar to mine :-)

    Happy Birthdays!

  5. happy birthdays to all. xoxoxo

  6. Now that's what I call a weekend!

  7. Oooohhhhh! how sweet are they? what's his name? Congratulations, bet you are a fab auntie.
    R and I just admiring the grim looking finger biscuits...yeuch!


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