Friday, 6 November 2009

Another mat - but towelling, not linen

So it turns out that this week is all about mats, not really about appliqué after all. I've made my third mat in three sessions of sewing this week.

This time, there was recycling going on. I've made a bath mat, using the pattern from Amanda Blake Soule's Handmade Home, a pillowcase saved from my childhood and some cheapo hand towels from IKEA (and being IKEA, the handtowels are a bizarre, Swedish size - long and thin - not good for a hand towel, but perfect for transforming into a bath mat). G and the children all refused to entertain the idea of using this marvellously retro pillowcase as a pillowcase, so I figured they can see it when they step out of the bath each day instead.

I love the Handmade Home book. This is the second project I've made from it, and there are so many more that I want to try. When I spread my mat out to photograph it, I realised that I've ended up using very similar colours to the one in the book.

Let's just hope that my family embrace the wonderful hand-crafted, repurposed, retro nature of the bath mat with the same enthusiasm as Amanda's family do hers. I live in hope.


  1. I bought three hand towles from Ikea yesterday to make some bath mats for Christmas presents ( I know a bit utilitarian!) Hope mine turn out as well as yours, I'd plant my drippy feet on it!

  2. The bathmat my kids use is vile. Perhaps I need to get busy...

  3. looks great. I made a knitted bath mat using long strips of leftover fabric, can't say my children love it, but I do.


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