Sunday, 15 November 2009

Sunday morning in Regent's Park

What we saw on our walk from Camden, around to the south side of Regent's Park this morning:
  • People heading home and other people heading out in search of hangover-curing brunches.
  • Barges nestled into the banks of the Regent's canal. Most moored and with their curtains firmly shut, but a few were pottering up and down the canal already.

  • Hyenas pacing up and down and warthogs rolling around in the mud. We were hoping to see some giraffes but they had wondered over to the other side of the zoo.
  • The London Central Mosque. Its brass dome matching the last few autumn leaves still on the trees after last night's storm.
  • Canada geese being greedy and noisy. Flocks of pigeons being even greedier and noisier.
  • Serene swans, looking rather disdainfully at the rabble of Canada geese and pigeons.
  • A heron, right by our feet as we crossed a bridge, and my boy taking some photographs of it.
  • Plenty of other Londoners out for a morning stroll, or jog, or bike ride, or scooter ride, or photography session.
  • And elegant regency houses to live in, when we win the lottery.


  1. I feel as if I have been on the walk with you! Lovely photos and a wonderful way to spend Sunday morning.

  2. Must take the girls to Regent's Park - we haven't been for ages! It was a lovely day for it.

  3. I am always amazed at how many herons I see along the canal in the park.

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