Sunday, 1 November 2009

That was half term

So that was half term. For a whole week we planned to be as lazy as possible, and do as little as possible. But now I am at the end of it, I see that we managed to fit an awful lot in.
  • A trip to the new, local ice-cream parlour. They had bubble gum flavour ice cream which the children thought was amazing. G and I were boring grown ups and stuck to raspberry ripple and cappuccino flavours.
  • A sunny couple of hours at the local city farm.
  • A very exciting visit to Oxford to see my brother and his family, and meet the new cousin. I was very greedy and cuddled the baby for more than my fair share I think.
  • A trip to the shops to spend birthday money.
  • Plenty of good food and lazy meals.
  • A trip to Kew Gardens with friends on the mildest, sunniest October day I can remember.
And tomorrow the children go back to school and my attention will turn back to sewing. I have a list of things to sew that is raging out of control. I'm going to come back at the end of this week and show you what I've been making.

The sewing will be a good distraction for me from my mother's adventures this coming week. I made her a 'no more sticks' badge to wear after her operation. She is wearing it already, which I think is an excellent illustration of her determination to get rid of the sticks at the soonest opportunity. Go Lady Hip!


  1. The badge has even survived an inadvertent soaking in the washing machine. It has come through its ordeal unscathed which I consider to be a good omen for me tomorrow!

    Thank you.

  2. what a great week! Hope all goes well with your mum

  3. sounds like a great half term - love the tins of golden syrup, glad it's not just me that can never bear to throw them away xoxox

  4. Half term goes so fast. And I never did get my pyjama day.

    Is the new playground open at Kew yet?

  5. That is quite impressive. I'm not sure our half term measured up.

  6. I bet they didn't want to go back to school after such excitement!

    Hope all goes well with your mum; my dad had both his hips replaced (one at a time!) a few years back and it gave him huge relief from the pain he had been suffering.

  7. Sounds wonderful!
    Our half term is being extended due to illness...ho hum...

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