Friday, 19 February 2010

I'm in a sock funk

I'm in a sock funk.  I'm heading down the foot to the toe of the first sock in the pair, and that familiar, urgent thought has begin to creep into my head:

"Do I have enough yarn left to finish both socks? Do I really?"

This is the sock funk.  That doubt, that nagging voice in your head that asks again and again if you're sure you're going to have enough yarn left when you get to the toe of the second sock.

I squidge the ball of yarn.

Should it really be that squishy? I should have cut a centimetre off the ankle; I know I should.  Or done a few rows less on the ribbing.

Common sense says I will be fine.  I've knitted socks before and never run out of yarn.  I'm following the pattern precisely and the pattern says a 100g ball will be enough yarn. I have lots of these little balls of leftover sock yarn in my knitting basket to illustrate that there is always some yarn to spare.

And yet...and yet...that sock funk is still there.  And I know it will be until I'm grafting off the toe on the second sock.  The solution is to knit as fast as I can and prove that sock funk wrong. 

Again.  As I always do.


  1. I love it - such a brave idea - and I had it too, doing my first quilt, the pair of baby booties and hat set (had enough left for mittens)

    You'll make it. Relax. Have some tea, put your feet up. You always post such interesting life views.

  2. Yes! Yes! Knit faster before you run out!!! They look lovely by the way.

  3. my sock funk is being to frightened to start. I bought the wool...........

  4. That has to be one of the worst feelings EVER. Ugh. I'm heading towards it myself ...

  5. It's a well known fact that knitting faster warps the space-time continuum and uses less yarn. And anyway, contrast toes are all the rage doncha know!

  6. This is stress I can well do without. I will carry on buying my socks from Marks.

    Thanks for the heads up.

  7. I knit faster too so I can finish before the yarn runs out.

    You could always weigh the ball of wool and see if you've gone over 50g?

  8. I get this everytime I knit a pair of socks too - and was just going to suggest weighing the yarn but see that Suse has already suggested that! I'd love to know a good use for all the little left over bits though!
    Rachel x

  9. I still haven't plucked up the courage to start the sock kit that my daughter bought me I don't remember how many Christmases ago!



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