Wednesday, 24 February 2010

A quilt in an evening

A long evening admittedly, but still pretty cool.

I started it after supper, at about 7 o'clock, and finished it shortly after midnight.  In keeping with the speed of this project, here are some quick stats:
  • The top is made from a pack of pre-cut 10" squares of Amy Butler fabrics which I bought from Cotton Patch.  The pack had twenty squares, and I cut five more from my own stash to make a square quilt, five squares by five.
  • So it's a much smaller quilt than the ones I've made before.  But the perfect size for a lap quilt to keep you warm while you're watching the extraordinarily exciting ski-cross in Vancouver.
  • The back is a £1 fleece blanket from IKEA, trimmed to fit.
  • There is no binding on this quilt.  I laid the pieced top face down onto the fleece backing and sewed all round the edge, leaving a gap for turning.
  • Once the quilt was the right way out, I machine-quilted an outline in each square, which closed the turning gap.
  • I didn't use any pins at all to make this, which sped things up considerably.  The fleece sticks to the cotton very well; it didn't shift at all when I was sewing the top to the back, or quilting the squares.

My favourite part of making a quilt is choosing the fabrics, and the worst part is all the cutting out.  By using a pack of pre-cut squares I lost the fun of agonising over fabric combinations, but I also lost the endless, tedious cutting, and I think this is a compromise I'm happy with.  I won't make all my quilts like this, but I will definitely use this method again.  Quick results are sometimes just what's needed.

I am impressed with how well the different colours of the fabric go together.  Having come from one designer does unify them somehow.  You can see another lovely big-square-one-designer quilt here.

And now there's a satisfyingly tall, bright pile of quilts sitting folded on the back of the sofa.

In a desperate attempt to overcome the gloom of this endless rain, my thoughts are turning to summer camping trips, and I think a few more of these quick quilts would be great to take along.  They could be picnic rugs in the summer and lap quilts in the winter perhaps.


  1. That's very speedy! The fleece backing is a good idea for a lap quilt too. We're definitely in need of a lap quilt for our sofa as it's always freezing when the heating goes off in the evening. By the time I get around to it it will probably be midsummer!

  2. Blimey that is quick! And very lovely too. I am often tempted by those charm square packs ...

  3. ooooh gorgeous, I love the idea of a fleecy back too xoxox

  4. Love the quilt, sometimes simple is good.


  5. You are amazing and such a quilting queen! The fleecy back is a winner.

  6. Fabulous! Such a great idea for a nice cozy sofa quilt! I shall have to remember to stock up on cheap fleecy blankets next time I go to Ikea...
    Rachel x

  7. Wow, that's beautiful. I made something similarish back in 2008, my cheat's quilt, but it's nowhere near as neat and lovely as yours. But it's making me think about trying to make another one.

  8. Excellent project! I too love using inexpensive IKEA things to speed up projects :)
    Go Canada Go!

  9. The fleece backing idea is genius. If I had thought of that, then the picnic blanket I began last year might stand a chance of being finished. And not be so heavy that I doubt it will ever travel further than a few yards from the car.

  10. Wow! You are a mega quick quilter! You could get quite a production line going and have seven made by the end of next week! It doesn't look at all hurried though. It looks very professional and the fabrics are lovely and modern.

  11. Hey thats amazing! You not only have great sewing skills but have much patience! Love it ...


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