Friday, 26 March 2010

End of the week, then start of the weekend

Our kitchen table, 8:00 am today, Friday.



  •  one peanut butter jar, finished
  • a jar of honey, finshed
  • a jar of strawberry jam, finished
  • a jar of raspberry jam, just started
  • three plates of jammy crumbs
  • three sticky knives
  • a postcard from Yorkshire
  • a discarded milk bottle top
  • G long since left for work
  • twenty spellings to be learnt
  • four raucous chickens to be fed   

Our kitchen table, 7:00 pm today, Friday.

  •  twelve large, and twelve small, chocolate-and-easter-egg buns
  • aprons drying on the clothes rack
  • a stack of recipe books
  • the chickens' empty yellow corn bowl
  • supper in the oven
  • an empty smartie egg packet, waiting to be put in the bin
  • an old Appletise bottle filled with my sister-in-law's homemade damson vodka
  • G back home from work
  • two empty shot glasses  


  1. DAMSON VODKA AND EASTER BUNS?! Right, I'm on my way down!

  2. I like your plates and the cakes look yummy. Have a good weekend.

  3. Oh cool. Think I like the shot glasses best! I like this blog more and more!

  4. no way I'd show the condition of my kitchen table right now.......

  5. Those are the biggest shot glasses I have ever seen! Cheers!

  6. I'm with dottycookie. Is this an invite?

    I am very impressed that you can get through a whole day with the same tablecloth. Your family are clearly a lot more focused with the jam.

  7. oooh, smarties and damson vodka, what a combo! You guys are in for a great weekend!
    Those aren't shot glasses, they're tumblers!!


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