Friday, 5 March 2010

Seen on the Tube

On the Central Line, this morning:
  • A man with clear skin, bright blue eyes and a very shiny wedding ring, reading "Film Studies: an introduction".
  • A heavily pregnant woman with dramatic eye make-up wearing elbow-length black snakeskin gloves.
  • Five people in one carriage wearing yellow hi-vis jackets.  This season's new trend perhaps.
  • A young woman with a new manicure, blowing her nose on a Miffy handkerchief.
  • Three long, handknitted, chunky scarves, wound round the necks of three men with bad colds, all sitting next to each other.
  • Seven bossy instructions at the entrance to Leytonstone station.


  1. Great observations! I wonder if they were observing you too!!!

  2. People watching is great, isn't it.

  3. I love this post - made me smile when I read it - even made me miss going to work by train - Obviously need to get out more! lol

    Have enjoyed popping in to read your blog for some time now, thanks for an enjoyable read xx

  4. Ah, now I wanna take the tube too. (very unrealistic as the directy flight to London even probobly is canselled due to blizzard and bad weather in general). Maybe later.


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