Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Inspired to sew circles

There are pins in the arm of the chair again, which means there is hand sewing going on around here.
Miss Moss Stitch and I went to the V&A's quilt exhibition on Saturday, and I've struggled since to express how good I found it (most unlike me to be lost for words).  To read Gill's perspective, here is the blog entry she wrote about our trip when we got back.
We both came home so inspired.  I was inspired by:
  • the intricacy of the quilting
  • the tiny, tiny pieces of the patchwork
  • the frequent 'mistakes' we could see - women throughout time have mucked up their seam allowances just like I do!
  • the beautiful fabrics, almost always with miniscule patterns which worked so well with the tiny patchwork pieces
  • the frequent use of circles
  • the textured fabrics in the quilts - velvet, ribbons and satin
  • the hand sewing

So this week I've started a new project, suggested by all the things I saw at the exhibition.  There is hand sewing.


There are circles.

And there are scrap fabrics with small prints.
I have no idea at the moment what these strips of circles will become. Perhaps a cushion, bordered and backed with some of the limited edition fabrics I bought at the exhibition.


  1. This is most lovely. I would not dare suggest usage, but will nonetheless await results with bayted breath!

  2. Hi there!

    I just sewed some circles on something this morning, my first time trying it, and I found they bunched a little as I got toward the end. Would love to know how you achieved such, flat, professional-looking results!

    Lovely blog, thanks for the inspiration!


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