Thursday, 22 April 2010

My Liberty top

The aeroplane noise and the vapour trails are back. I didn't have to travel anywhere and was not waiting for anyone to come home, so the deep blue un-scribbled-on skies, and the still silence were unequivocally lovely. Now the planes are back they are all I can hear. We're under the flypath for City airport and sometimes get aeroplanes stacking above us for Heathrow as well. Add in the local police helicopter, the London air ambulance and the occasional military chinook going over, and it all seems very busy.

But I'm sure before long though I'll be used to it again, and with so much cherry blossom in the garden I am in very good spirits and I can't really see the vapour trails through the blossom.

I'm still sewing tops.  There is one final school dress to make for Livvy, but I've had enough of blue gingham for a while, so I'll do that over the weekend.  Instead I made myself another Quadrato Tunic top from Ottobre yesterday - here is the first one I made, last month.

This time I made it with a much lighter, lawn fabric - one of the Liberty prints I bought at the V&A exhibition.  The contrasting pink trim was made with a thicker, stiffer cotton duck - one of Cath Kidston's haberdashery fabrics.

These fabric choices were much better than the ones for my first attempt.  And the fact that I cut a smaller size, and remembered to add on the seam allowances, meant that this version is much closer to the original, and looks much better on than my first attempt.

So I have now made myself four new tops over the past few weeks - two summer blouses from Weekend Sewing and two of these Ottobre tunics. I'd happily wear these two styles all summer long but I feel I need to hunt out some more patterns if I make any more clothes for myself.  It might look weird having a wardrobe full of tops in just two styles.
I've recently acquired a whole pile of vintage fabrics from my Grandmother, including some deliciously thick, crisp white cotton sheets.  I have a vision of another - third - Heather Ross summer blouse made from soft, white cotton, with a deep coloured trim. Either with the Michael Miller TA Dot fabric in fuschia that I used to bind my last quilt, or with a dark blue and deep pink Kaffe Fassett print that I have been hoarding for too long.

It's tempting, isn't it?


  1. Wow - you're on a dressmaking roll! Love the new top, and the school dresses.

  2. I love your taste in fabric and pattern!

  3. Really like your new top. The fabrics go really well together.

  4. God, you're productive! That looks fantastic.


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