Saturday, 3 April 2010

The Victoria and Albert cushion

Those strips of unbleached calico with appliqueed circles from my last post, have become a cushion, for me.  I thought they might.  The circles had been inspired by so many things I saw at the V&A quilt exhibition - circles, scrap fabrics, fussy cutting, hand-sewing, small patterns - that the only way to finish them off was to use some of the limited edition Liberty fabric I bought at the exhibition to make a simple border.

This Liberty fabric is so beautiful to sew with.  It isn't their tana lawn, because it was about half the price, but it feels like lawn or voile - very fine, soft and drapey.  I'm very pleased I bought more in some other patterns, to make clothes with.

I finished the top off with more inspiration from the exhibition.  A little bit of embroidered labelling; my initials and the date.  The back is made from more circles, but this time in a glorious, green, Kaffe Fassett fabric I'd forgotten I had (shame on me).

And then when I moved everything off the sofa to take these photographs I realised that I've now made cushions for G, O and me (as well as my nephews and nieces, my mum and a dear friend - I really enjoy making cushions).  So obviously C needs one now.


  1. Beautiful, cheerful and comfortable looking. Bravo.

  2. Beautiful-and you've also made one for me, my head is propped up on it as i type!!
    The fabrics are gorgeous x

  3. It's finished already? Impressive! It's taken me a week just to cut out squares for a birthday banner! Beautiful results! I love those circles.

  4. You are a great cushion maker!

  5. Thats so lovely that it has a story.


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