Friday, 21 January 2011

Good things

Good things on a sunny Friday:
  • Quilt progress.  I have sewn dozens of leaves already, and am not sick of them yet. This is promising.
  • A backlog of Americana and Food Programme podcasts on my iPod to keep me company while I sew.
  •  A lemon drizzle loaf cake for the weekend.

  • This really lovely spice mix, from Anna.  I've been adding it to everything I can think of.

  • But mainly spiced raisin bread.  This is the last of the midweek loaf, and today I made another so that we can have spiced raisin French toast for brunch this weekend.

Good times.


  1. Such good things! But especially the sound of your yummy brunch!

  2. Spiced raisin bread? Is there as recipe? I could wing it but I am fundamentally lazy.

  3. Please please post a recipe it looks just the thing for weekend mornings

  4. yum xxxx

    that Anna is good, her mincemeat flapjacks were amazing xxxx

  5. Oooh, raisin bread! liking the sound of that for work-can we come for brunch tomorrow?x

  6. I see we have the same favorite radio programs and the same favorite meal--hooray for brunch and raisin bread!

    K x

  7. Lemon drizzle! I knew there was a reason I bought those lemons.

    Thanks for the nudge.

  8. That quilt looks absolutely beautiful. Wow.

    Thanks so much for the spiced raisin bread recipe.


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