Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Wednesday walk #2

It was a much shorter walk today. And in the sparkling winter sunshine, through the centre of town from Covent Garden to the City, it was also a more picturesque walk.  Along High Holborn, where the lawyers hang out, we saw some highly decorated buildings.

Shervington's - the famous tobacconist's in High Holborn

Entering The City at Holborn

High Victorian gothic architecture in High Holborn - the Prudential Assurance building

The Old Bailey - central criminal court

Inscription above the door of the Old Bailey: "Defend the Children of the Poor & Punish the Wrongdoer"

Then we came into The City, very close to where I used to work near St Paul's Cathedral and Cheapside.  It was really good to remind myself what a incredible place The City is to have an office. 

There has been a whole new fancy-pants shopping centre built and opened down Cheapside since I left work.  For a moment, it all felt a bit too new and different for my liking.

One New Change shopping centre

Workman painting red stars on a bollard down Cheapside

But then around another corner were old, familiar sights.  The City is the oldest part of London, and although buildings go up and buidings are pulled down, it doesn't really change.

Sir Thomas Gresham's golden grasshopper in Lombard Street

A procession down Gracechurch Street - no idea who they were, but lovely, embroidered gowns

Cranes down Bishopsgate - I do love cranes, and there are always cranes somewhere in the City

London in the sunshine never fails to delight me.  This is my home.


  1. I worked in Holborn for a few weeks in the 90s - I did a lot of walking around there. It's a stunning area.

  2. Lovely pics. Thank you for sharing - well we've got booked to come to Henley in May - and will be coming into the City - The British Museum is on my list to visit this year and I'll keep checking for any other of your recommendations. xx

  3. I hope it never rains on Wednesdays.

  4. Really goo to see an urban walk, thanks

  5. I worked in Holborn too, way way back. The bus journey to work was the best bit!

  6. I worked in the holborn area for've made me feel quite nostalgic. thanks for the trip!


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