Monday, 28 March 2011

Desk mess

I am not so much bothered about clean, but I am bothered about tidy.  Mess makes me cross.  And when it's my mess, that's even worse - there is not even a compensating glow of righteousness to be had.

My desk early this morning reminded me of a party game from my childhood.  We called it Kim's Game. We were shown a tray with an extremely random selection of objects arranged on it, for one minute.  The tray was then covered with a cloth and we had to write down all the items we could remember.  I always liked this list-writing game.

Morning desk
morning desk

My desk this morning had:
  • laptop
  • pyjama trousers needing hemming
  • sewing machine
  • a bag with a secret surprise for my Mum in it
  • tins full of cables and sewing machine feet
  • pens
  • a bottle of water
  • lip balm
  • handcream
  • a seam ripper
  • keys,
  • part of an oyster shell I found on the foreshore
  • a note from school about fundraising for Japan
  • a crumpled tissue
  • a sewing pattern in a brown envelope
  • sunglasses
  • my normal glasses
  • orange post-it notes
  • a book in a fabric cover
  • a baking magazine
  • medicine
  • a camera cable
  • a camera case
  • a bristling pincushion
Evening desk
evening desk

By this evening, nothing had been put away, but I'd acquired Rose Prince's Kitchenella from the library and another bottle of water from somewhere.  I'd plugged in my camera and cable and plonked my green satchel on top of the baking magazine.  It does look like I'd managed to put the crumpled tissue in the bin though. 

Sometimes even small achievements must be celebrated.


  1. You'd hate my house. Most of the time I'm not that keen on it, but I somehow lack the enthusiasm to do much about it!

  2. I hate mess too but a bit of dirt I can live with.

    i have Kitchenella -lovely book, I recommend the lemon tart (which is the only thing I've made from it).

  3. I have to confess to being the opposite, mess I can live with but not happy with dirt...or smell...especially the smell of cats...unfortunately I have 3 cats... but I can usually cope with dirt as long as the toilet is clean !

  4. I think it looks quite tidy. Well, compared to mine it does!

  5. As I read this all I could think was I wouldn't dare to start trying to write a list of the junk on my desk... it would be a very long list. And I can't abide mess either!

  6. love kitchenella too, a fab book.
    My desk looks very similar to yours, but mine is massive which means room for even more crap! from here I can see notebooks, recipe books, pens, a rubiks cube, a pottery jug, two lamps, a photograph, ipod speakers, a red retro telephone, a money box and a radio.
    Does that make you feel better?!!

  7. I like your combo of sewing machine feet and cables = keeps those cables in the real world.


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