Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Sewing loves and loathings

I had another late night last night, finishing a new top so that I could wear it today.  This time it was made from a very familiar and favourite pattern - the Heather Ross summer blouse from her book Weekend Sewing.  I've made this top for myself before: here, here and here.

Grey and green mushroom fabric

One of the reasons I love this top so much is that it is trimmed around the neck, cuffs and hem with bias tape.  I love everything about bias tape - making it, sewing it on, and the way it looks on the finished item.

As I sewed I thought about my most favourite and most hated sewing jobs.

Things I love about sewing:
  • bias tape
  • choosing fabrics
  • seam ripping
  • beautiful sewing books
  • hand quilting
  • putting in zips
  • sewing machine feet
  • the sound of heavy, sharp shears cutting through fabric
  • ric-rac
  • good patterns
Things I loathe about sewing:
  • pattern cutting
  • wrestling tissue paper patterns back into envelopes
  • velcro
  • hemming (unless with bias tape)
  • sewing on buttons
  • picking endless bits of thread off my socks
  • bobbin winding
  • having to work in inches most of the time
  • pinning jersey fabrics
  • interfacing
  • having to stand in odd places of the house and take 25 photographs of myself in a  mirror to get one shot I like.
Summer blouse


  1. I love that blouse. All yours look great. I have yet to make it despite having owned the books for ages along with all those other one 'Seams to Me', 'Sew Liberated' etc.

  2. I'm with you on restuffing patterns into envelopes. Ugh.

  3. lovely-you look fabulous dahling!x

  4. I am with you on the shears and I understand your fear of tissue paper but I cannot agree about bias binding. It wriggles on the table as you try to pin it and I am sure that it has subversive tendencies.

  5. Lovely top! And I agree with almost all your loves and loathes--but I'm still too terrified to insert a zipper--eeek!

    K x


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