Friday, 4 March 2011

Spring apron

I've just listed a new apron in my Etsy shop, and I love this one so much I'm going to have to make myself another one exactly the same.  It is a reversible half-apron with nice, big pockets - like all the ones I made for the shop last year.

One side is made from a pink, polka-dot cotton, printed with tiny cherries.  It has a roomy pocket, made from a green polka dot cotton.

Spring apron - cherry side

Spring apron detail

The reverse is made from a beautiful piece of vintage, floral, French cotton, which I found in a flea market in France last summer.  I love this fabric, and still have quite a bit of it left, which is a Very Good Thing.  This side also has a pocket.

Spring apron - floral side

I love the spring colours and florals on this apron.  The bright red polka dot waistband and ties are so cheerful too!

There is definitely a spring theme going on in my shop at the moment - bright colours and florals everywhere.  If there are none in your garden yet, go and have a look at over at Etsy instead.  Some of my favourite, spring-like things on Etsy at the moment are this pincushion, this sweet hairclip and these beaded earrings.

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  1. beautiful fabric. I love wearing your aprons. They make me smile every day. My fave is still the pink and white spotted one with cookies and biscuits on the reverse though. Every time I wear it at work someone comments on it.x


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