Saturday, 13 October 2012

10 things

    Dry, unadorned nurse's hands
    Dry, unadorned nurse's hands (late at night, while I should have been studying the nervous system)

  • There is no space in my head for anything other than nursing.
  • The tunica interna of an artery is made up of the endothelium, the subendothelial layer and the internal elastic lamina. Did you know that?  I didn't until this week.
  • For practicals, and when we are on placement at a hospital, we can't wear any jewellery at all.  Our fingernails have to be very short and neat and our hair must be completely tied back.
  • I didn't realise I would feel so naked without my jewellery.
  • This weekend I am (amongst other things) preparing a presentation on the biology behind the government's Drink Aware campaign. 
  • I didn't fancy my usual Friday night bottle of Weston's organic cider last night.
  • On Tuesday we measured lung volumes and breathing rates. I have big lungs.
  • For the urinalysis practical we used sugary tea (no milk), instead of actual urine. I was slightly disappointed by this.
  • Already, I wash and dry my hands thoroughly and methodically like a proper nurse.  Even if it's just after chopping garlic. 
  • The heart is an amazing organ.  It's so amazing that if I think about it too deeply, I start to wonder why on earth it's still beating if it's got that much to do.
Weekend work
Weekend work


  1. No jewellery - yikes - not even wedding rings? I have no idea how I would get mine off!

    It is so exciting to watch you slip slowly into this new world. I am sure that you feel that you have been thrown into the deep end but I am sure that when you look back you will see it was just the shallow end and there is so much more to come. Keep swimming!

  2. The body is an amazing thing so much happening, the ability to heal itself adapt and soooo much more - it mush be interesting to have knowledge of how it works and how it manages to do this - enjoy xxx

  3. Congratulations on your lungs - it must be very comforting to know that they are up to the job! I admire what you are doing - if I think too much about physiology and disease processes I feel myself becoming positively hypochondriacal.

    Pomona x

  4. Blimey.I think I need a lie down!

  5. You need to buy yourself a gift for all your hard work. My suggestion is a gorgeous hand cream to soften your anti-bac ravaged hands. Take it from one who knows ; )
    This is a corker:

  6. You have the greatest sense of humor! Keep up the great work!! I did know that about an artery actually... And you love hearts... the brain is my love! I can't get enough of studying it!

  7. I keep my wedding ring on at the hospital - I think I'd feel bereft without it!
    Glad to hear it's all going well but, goodness, you must be whacked...Keep up with your other interests, too, as and when. Good luck!


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