Wednesday, 31 October 2012

10 things

  • The University is a 7 minute walk from Loop.
  • I have been running errands to Loop for my Mum.  She needs some nice projects to knit whiles he recuperates from a second hip replacement operation.  Nice projects need nice yarn.  Loop has verrrrrrry nice yarns.
  • Mostly I have been terribly well-behaved and just bought what Mum wanted, but yesterday my resolve crumbled and I bought myself a skein of Malabrigo Worsted in  the Rhodesian colourway - a wonderful burnished orange - to make myself an autumn hat.
  • Autumnal hurricane hat
  • I don't really have time to knit, as I am too busy practising my aseptic technique, writing biology notes and submitting my first essay.
  • My first essay in eighteen years.
  • That makes me feel even older than saying 'my son is thirteen'.
  • Olivia has decorated the chimney breast in the kitchen with A5 sized manga portraits of everyone in the family.  It looks wonderful.
  • Olivia and her manga family wall
  • Some of the likenesses are uncanny - Uncle Richard and Granny are particularly good.
  • Manga Cam and Manga Granny
  • I am still cooking - almost as much as I did before I started my nursing qualifications.  I am still baking all our bread, and making yogurt, and making midweek suppers and packed lunches.  Olivia's doing most of the baking though, and Graham is cooking on weekends.
  • It is not easy to let other people have their turn in the kitchen.  Doing the cooking is what I do best.


  1. It would be very hard for me to let other people cook too -my kids are never going to learn to cook at this rate.

    Love your pumpkin yarn.

  2. Doing cooking is NOT what you do best - you are wonderful at so many things but perhaps being a mother is what you do best? It seems a good thing to have on page 1 of your CV with two wonderful children to prove that you are not exaggerating.

  3. Sounds like everything is going well and everyone has adapted to their new roles xx Well done you xx Good Luck with your essay - I wouldnt know where to start x

  4. I suspect that there is still a HUGE amount of list writing going on in Nurse Nancys house? Glad you are managing to squeeze in a bit of knitting though, it's going to be a beauty!Good luck with the essay x

  5. Good luck with the essay. I'm writing one this week too ... Groan.

  6. The very thought of writing an essay brings me out in a cold sweat. So impressed. I actually find it quite hard to spend money in Loop- mostly because I want it ALL and therefore become very indecisive. Glad all seems to be going well for you :)

  7. I am glad you are fitting in some knitting, and that it's for you.


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