Monday, 15 October 2012


I arrive at Barbican station each morning. 

It has long been one of my favourite stations on the whole tube network, because of the view of the Barbican estate tower blocks stretching up above you when you step off the train (when I win the lottery I will live in one of the appartments near the top of these towers).

The view from the platform  at Barbican station
The enormous recessed arches on the eastbound platform are the other delight.  I admire them as I walk past in the morning; and I lounge within them, feeling tall and elegant as I wait for my train home in the afternoon.
Barbican station


  1. There would be a great view from up top of those towers, where would you keep your chickens though? When you win the lottery you'll have to make plans for a country estate too! Funny to see your London pictures - 15 years ago I commuted in and out to Camden every day (albeit by motorbike instead of tube train) but it feels like a different life now! Hope you are enjoying your studies x

  2. I used to work near the Barbican but I don't remember the tube station. I must have got off at Moorgate. I didn't much care for the Barbican towers. Too oppressive. I'd prefer something smaller and greener myself.

  3. If you have the time one day, have a look around the nearby Golden Lane Estate. Slightly earlier than The Barbican, this post-war estate built for the LCC is a model of inner-city living. Originally it even had a nursery and primary school on the site (now beautifully rehoused in a brand new building nearby). It does however still have a lovely (public) swimming pool, tennis courts and dance studio, all hidden in a green space behind the main road on which the Barbican Station sits. Well worth a visit - and a swim!

    Also, many thanks for your lovely blog, which I so enjoy. It even makes me want to return to live in London! I will make do instead with visiting my sons and friends there, and reading your blog.

  4. As usual... I loved your blog! One day you will look back on your postings and think "Oh ya, I remember that"... Lovely!


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