Monday, 10 December 2012

10 things on a Monday evening

    6am, Leyton High Road
    Walking to the tube - 6am on a Monday morning

  • My alarms go off at 5:28am and 5:30am on work days.  I am so worried that I might oversleep that I'm usually awake and waiting for the alarms to go off by 5:25am.
  • I eat my toast in the kitchen, listening to Farming Today on Radio 4.  I love that I live in London, work in a massive, modern hospital, but listen to Farming Today talk about partridge and fertiliser prices when I'm having my breakfast.
  • I wrap up well and set off for the tube station at just gone 6am.  Graham and the children are still in bed, fast asleep. 
  • The roads are quiet, but there is a steady stream of other early bird workers walking to the tube with me.  I don't get a seat; the carriages are all standing-room only by 6:15am.
  • I am wearing no earrings, no watch, no necklace, no bracelet and no wedding ring.  I carry my uniform in my bag and I have my mobile tucked into the pocket of my jeans as a portable watch.
  • I arrive on my ward a little early, and once I've changed I sit in the Doctors' office drinking a cup of coffee until handover begins.
  • I work a 13 hour shift, with two 30 minute breaks.  It flies by.  I talk to patients, relatives, nurses, doctors, porters, phlebotomists, receptionists, a radiographer, and the guy from the IT department.
  • I love every single minute of it.  Truly.
  • On the way home, I get a seat on the tube after just one stop.  I read my book and nearly miss my stop.
  • I get home just in time to see Cam before he goes to bed, but Olivia has been asleep for over an hour.  Graham nobly listens to me witter on about my day and all the amazing things I've seen and done.  He wants to go to bed too, but I'm still wide awake and needing to process my day.  I decide to let him go to bed, and I write my blog instead.


  1. I have nursed for 19 years. Since I was 18. I am a Sister on NICU, my job still amazes me, every day.

  2. I'm smiling at how well suited you seem to this new path of yours.

  3. Oh Nancy, you are loving it aren't you? I can feel your enthusiasm and you make me feel very idle.

  4. Love having this behind-the-scenes look into nursing. I so admire you. K x

  5. 'm smiling too. so happy for you that it's going so well x

  6. Glad to read that everything is going so well for you. It is impressive that you are so enthusiastic when you have to get up at half-five.

  7. Wow -- what a full day. I'm so happy for you that you've found your niche. It sounds so perfect!

  8. Lovely, so glad you are enjoying your course. Farming Today is always going to remind me of being pregnant. Jon used to bring me cereal in bed at that time to try and stop my sickness.

  9. It really does shine out how much you love this new phase in your life.

  10. It is a long day. I am so glad that you are loving it. Don't forget to look after yourself whilst you are looking after others. x


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