Friday, 7 December 2012

10 things on a Friday night

Tonight I am...
  • Pleased that Graham bought not just a bottle of wine, but also olives, on his way home.
  • Thinking of the patients on my ward - today has been my first day off this week, and I'm wondering how they've all got on today.  They may well be relieved that the student nurse has not been around to put the blood-pressure cuff on the wrong way round again.
  • Bracing myself for a trip to Westfield tomorrow morning, with Olivia, to go Christmas shopping.  Oh my.
  • Annointing my hands with posh handcream.  All the alcohol handrub at the hospital is taking its toll.
  • Considering whether to head off to a farmer's market on Sunday morning.
  • Missing my University friends - one is on the same ward as me, but the rest are scattered across a variety of different hospitals and wards in London and I may not see them until March because our shift patterns are so antisocial.
  • Making a list of cakes I want to bake this weekend.
  • Shrugging off my usual no-decorations-whatsoever-until-the-weekend-before-Christmas-at-the-very-earliest attitude, and wondering whether it might be nice to string up a few twinkly lights this weekend.
  • Wishing I'd had a photographer in the car this afternoon when I was driving Olivia back from school - the sunset was breathtaking.
  • Going to curl up on the sofa to watch some old episodes of Cold Feet - I had forgotten how lovely that programme was.


  1. We have the weekend before Christmas rule too but with Christmas being on a Tuesday this year it'll be the weekend before the weekend before Christmas.
    Wish I had some olives.

  2. Waving at you, Nurse Nancy

    The only rule at Christmas should be to do what makes you happy - go for those lights!

  3. oh yes, fairy lights - go for it.
    glad you've had a good week, have a lovely weekend xxxx

  4. ooh, it is all VERY exciting!! We always put up our decs on the 17th, our wedding anniversary. The cafe ones were all put up whilst I was on holiday, and the other girls did a far superior job to anything i could have managed!
    We do have a wire of very pretty red twinkly lights along our mantelpiece though, and they may well stay forver...xx


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