Sunday, 23 December 2012

10 things

It's not that I've become disorganised - it's just that things have simply not been done.  I haven't even written any lists.

  • No cards have been bought - or sent.  No, not made either.
  • Graham has seven presents because I kept forgetting exactly what I'd bought for him already.
  • Some people's presents are still sitting on my desk, waiting to be wrapped and posted.
  • No parsnips have been bought.  Don't tell Cam - they're one of the foodie highlights of his Christmas.
  • Tomorrow I shall be breaking with tradition and going round to a friend's house, rather than making the stuffing and listening to Carols from King's.
  • Graham and the children put up the tree and decorated the house yesterday, while I was at work.  I came home, late in the evening, to a Christmassy house - magical.
  • Cam has made the latest batch of mince pies.  He puts much more mincemeat in than me, which is a popular development.
  • I need to prioritise my nap times.
  • My brain's so fuzzy that I'm not sure what day of the week it is, but I know it's nearly Christmas.
  • All will be well, because the bottles of alcohol in the fridge outnumber the bottles of milk.

Fridge - ready for Chistmas
And there's a bottle of bubbly and two bottles of Aspall's just out of shot


  1. Milk is over-rated anyway! Merry Christmas Nancy

  2. Your brain's so fuzzy you called it your Brian! Very funny, think you should stick with it. Have a lovely Christmas & thank you for keeping up with the blog. Hope you & Brian have a good rest.

  3. Hope you have some time off over Christmas to rest and spend time with your family. Have a very Happy Christmas.

  4. Merry Christmas! Hope you find some time to relax xx

  5. The fact that you have more alcohol in your fridge than milk is definitely a good sign! Hope you're sipping on something now and relaxing and that you all have a wonderful Christmas x

  6. Merry Christmas Nancy. with a fridge like that you can't fail to have a good one x

  7. What is best of all is that it matters not one jot what you have or haven't done... as long a all you have awonderful time together. Happy Christmas Nancy.


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