Tuesday, 9 April 2013

In the school and university holidays

New things:
  • The new sense of optimism and energy in our high street these days; Graham and I like stopping off for an espresso on our way out, if there's time.

    Leyton espresso
  •  Three new hens! Including this blue-egg laying beauty, who we've called Adelaide.  They are settling in very well.
    Adelaide's lovely mohican hairdo
  •  The novelty of having early mornings to myself - the children now sleep in until nearly 10am if left to their own devices. 
  • Visiting the Cutty Sark in its newly restored splendour at Greenwich.  It was a fascinating day, and the boat has been restored brilliantly.  We all loved the 'audience' of figureheads at one end of the boat.

  •  New tea towels from Snowden Flood, who designs such beautiful things. 
    New tea towels from Snowden Flood
And amongst all this newness, there is still the stability of well-known, familiar things. Days out with old friends and with grandparents. Watching some good tele.  Favourite meals.  Baking with friends.

Good times.

The Cutty Sark


  1. Beautiful tea towel. The hen is lovely too, lucky you having hens, it is a little dream of mine. Especially blue eggs, they sound wonderful.

  2. Your chicken has a quiff - how cool!

  3. I love your blog more and more. Glad you're having a good break

  4. oh wow, that photo under the ship is amazing. our hols are rather dull in comparison........

  5. Very good times! And loved reading all about your new ladies on Facebook :) K x

  6. My children sleep in now too - either that or they get themselves up and read quietly. What a treat!

  7. It sounds like you're having wonderful school holidays. The photo from the bottom of the ship is fantastic!

  8. Love that last photo! Brilliant angle.
    I have one child who sleeps in till midday if I don't wake her up, and another child who's just as much a morning person as I am. 7am, there he is, next to me. I actually quite enjoy it, because he doesn't really require attention - he just likes being together, doing our own thing.


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