Sunday, 14 April 2013

The sock spring

I sat outside in the sunshine, on the last day of my holidays.  I finished knitting one pair of socks, and started another pair.

My new socks match my reading material!

Casting on more socks!  

I reflected on a great day spent with my sister yesterday, and then a lovely phone call with my brother.  It doesn't take much to keep me happy - socks, siblings and some sunshine. 

It feels as though spring finally came to East London today.


  1. Yes, yes it is a sock spring for sure.

  2. Seldom has there been a more welcome Spring - I felt it yesterday too. Though I have no finished knitting to show for the sunshine. That's what you get for knitting a sweater in yarn more suited to socks with acres of stocking stitch.

  3. It's a scarf spring here - the rate I'm going they'll be ready for next winter. So good to feel the sun - and we have more today, hurrah!

  4. Socks, siblings, and sunshine sounds like a perfect day to me! Now hoping the sun will stay out for our next Kew visit... K x

  5. That bottom sock is going to be a cracking colour.

  6. Beautiful socks, I especially like the ones you have just started. I have tried the odd sock or two, but never really managed it. There is some mystery to sock creation I think, into which I have not been initiated.

  7. very nice socks indeed...

    I'm feeling the urge of a new pair of socks coming on. I'm blaming you.


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