Friday, 20 June 2014

10 things

The nice thing about getting an exciting new job in ITU, is that nothing really changes:
  • I made a new top.  It was meant to be a dress, but I failed to adjust for the fact that I am much taller than most Japanese women.
  • Newly made Japanese sundress a roaring success, except.... so short, it's rude. Unable to lean over or reach up without flashing my knickers. Forgot I am about 15cm taller than the average Japanese woman - it will have to be worn over skinny jeans. #sewing #patterns #dressmaking #dress #soshortitsrude #top
  • I love it though, and have bought more fabric so I can make myself a dress version.
  • More dressmaking plans #dress #dressmaking #fabric #patterns #japanese
  • I discovered that the best place to take a full legth photo of myself without balancing on the arm of a sofa or having to tidy an entire room first, is the changing room at work. 
  • Finally a picture of the whole of my new dress/top. The only full length mirror in my life is the one in the staff changing rooms at work. Fabric shopping this weekend for the next one I think! #dressmaking #dress #top
  • Basil is back in the kitchen - I run my hands through it when I stand at the sink.
  • Summer on the windowsill #summer #sunshine #herbs
  • I like these tiles at Aldgate station.
  • 4pm - excellent tiles at Aldgate station #london #tube
  • Graham is listening to James Brown and treating us all to funk.
  • Funkilicious! Husband playing along to James Brown's Get Up #saturdayfunk #jamesbrown #funk #practicekit
  • I have been running - but not enough.  I miss it.
  • Volunteering, rather than running, at parkrun this morning. The person who got this token today ran it in 14:52 #wow #parkrun #hackneymarshes
  • I baked brioche rolls, and Graham made a tarte au citron. 
  • Brioche #baking #breadThe most sublime tarte au citron that he's ever made - oof, SO GOOD!
  • The washing machine couldn't read the label that said the pillow was washable.
  • This was meant to be a washable pillow, but the machine thought otherwise #domesticity
  • When it's sunny, and I am not at work, I cycle over to the Olympic park with a quilt and sunbathe.    
  • This little ladybird is sunbathing with me, on my quilt #sunshine #summer #ladybird #quilt #lazysunday #weekend #london


  1. naughty washing machine. love everything on the list x

  2. Fantastic top, clever you. It will look lovely as a dress as well, I'll look forward to seeing it. Lucky you having a man that makes tarte au citron, it's my absolute favourite, love, love, love it. I hope you have a good weekend Nancy. CJ xx

  3. What a lovely list... I especially like your new top... but not the bit about your pillow!

  4. Love love love that top - and you look lovely in it

  5. Beautiful frock...why do I keep going wrong? I can make dresses/tops Etc and they always look great...until I try them on. I always seem to mess up the measurements, and no idea why. I cut really carefully, check the finished garment measurements etc etc...but always look daft. Ho hum. Shall stick to cushions and hair scrunchies. Beautiful fabric you chose.x

  6. I love this top, you wear it very well. What fabric did you use? My washing machine can't read either, it shrunk my 10 year old daughter's hand knitted cotton cardigan to toddler size even though the labels said washable at 30 degrees. Running dwindles down to once a week during the school holidays (started in Scotland), which is a shame. Oh, I am new here and I like it. Have a lovely weekend. x

  7. What a great post, I love the top, it suits you perfectly and as for the tarte citron I'm so jealous !

  8. I ended up here from someone commenting in Tales from a Happy House, to look at your dress that someone mentioned, it is very nice and then jumped back to the one you say is a tunic for public decency that is also very nice. the statement made me laugh and then I am reading that post and you are talking about the " washing machine not knowing the pillow said it was washable" which really made me laugh as I have had that happen, so thank you from Iowa , USA


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