Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Messy desk - a snapshot

A snapshot of my life on my messy desk

On my messy desk this morning:
  • the milk bill
  • a letter from Olivia's school about a summer picnic
  • a free cup of coffee from Waitrose - thank you Waitrose
  • three unopened magazines
  • this week's Nursing Standard
  • a leaflet about pelvic radiotherapy in men
  • unexpected Amazon parcels, which I think may contain birthday presents
  • a new cookbook
  • a textbook on acute and critical care nursing
  • my Kindle - I need to load it up with more things to read later; I've just finished this book, which was a good recommendation from my father
  • keys and glasses
  • fabric for another dress
  • a freshly baked croissant in a paper bag (my breakfast, along with the coffee)
It is my day off today.  After I've tidied my desk I plan to sit in the garden and read the backlog of magazines and my new cookbook. 


  1. Congratulations on the job - wonderful! Your desk doesn't look too bad compared to the desk of my 19 year old, so I'd leave it as it is (although the croissant would have to be taken care of...)

  2. Hope you've had a lovely day relaxing and catching up. I think your desk perfectly reflects all the aspects of your life.

  3. Nothing quite like sitting in the garden reading a new cookbook. Enjoy!


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