Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Hair pins

For the last two weeks I have been tyrannised by somebody else's list. The list read as follows....

Please remember to bring with you to the exam:
  • two hair nets (matching hair colour)
  • hair elastics (neutral colours please)
  • plenty of HAIR PINS (we need nearly a packet per child)
  • hair grips
  • hair spray
  • hair gel
  • a new hair brush



This was all for O's first ballet exam. I had no idea when I smiled politely at the nice lady with lovely posture that this was where it would end up.

So off I went down Wanstead High Street looking for essential hair pins and hair nets that matched a 4 year old's hair colour. All was available (at a price...the chemist just smiled knowingly at me and said 'ballet exam then?' when I went to pay) except for the hairpins. Apparently Wanstead sells out of hairpins each term when the ballet exams are being held.

But I found some in the end, and today O spent an eye-watering hour and a half having her hair done by her teachers ready for the exam. When I picked her up at the end of the exam, I could smell the hair spray before I saw her.

Tonight we carefully took out the precious hair pins and I am keeping them safe for the next time.

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  1. My stomach tumbled over when I saw this photo because it brought back such a strong memory of MissM when she was very tiny doing her ballet exams. The hair spray was so fearsome that it was a fire hazard and her little head was bowed under the weight of the pins.


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