Saturday, 9 June 2007

Lists about the house

I've had such a lazy day today - I haven't even left the house. On a day at home there are of course plenty of things I could be doing (should be doing perhaps). Our house is one big endless lists of jobs....
  • Find out what's causing the smell of damp by the front door
  • Find a builder to re-point the back walls
  • Get the pane of glass in the sitting room door fixed
  • Put wall filler in the holes in Cam's wall that appeared when his shelves fell down
  • Paint the loft hatch (G seems to have a desire to do this for some reason)
  • Buy a new grate for the dining room fireplace
  • Plumb in a water butt
  • Re-plaster, re-paint and re-carpet the whole darn building
But frankly, reading the Saturday papers, listening to my iPod, doing jigsaws with O and drinking endless cups of coffee is much more fun.

I love our house and sometimes doubt I'll ever be able to bring myself to sell it or live somewhere else.
  • It has sash windows
  • The front railings were made for the house from the old Victorian railings of the church at the top of the road
  • The children were born here
  • Our neighbours are lovely
  • It has window ledges deep enough for me to put pots of geraniums on
  • We can have proper fires in the winter.

Tomorrow I shall go out, but tonight I think I will have another glass of cider and sit in my house.


  1. I loved reading about the tuna quiche and it looks yummy. I seem to remember it has a dash of cayenne pepper in it! Down with foxes I say!

  2. Will add cayenne pepper the next time then! It was delicious, everyone had seconds, and there was nothing left over :o)

  3. aaah - what an idyllic house! i hope i can visit u guys there someday!


  4. except for the grinning foxes, that is.


  5. Cam loves chasing the foxes away with his water gun!

    We'd love to see you and Mark here someday too, Ann :o) Its idyllic if you don't look too closely a the cracks in the plaster....


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