Tuesday, 19 June 2007

A list heroine of mine

This post is in honour of another great list maker - and a heroine of mine - Nigella Lawson. I have all her recipe books and love her honest, slightly scatty, writing voice and the ridiculously large sized portions her recipes give you.

But as well as being a great cook and writer, she is also a list maker. In her most recent book,
Feast, she lists on p.264 her entire cookie cutter collection (and it is a very large collection). Here is what she says about her collection and the publication of her list:

"I have built up something of a collection of cookie-cutters; when anyone I know, however vaguely, goes away I ask them to bring me back a cutter and I'm always on the look out myself. I recently did an inventory of the cutters which I present - pathetically really - as after-dinner entertainment if I've drunk too much. I haven't drunk anything now, but I love my list too much not to present it to you."

I take issue with the word "pathetically" - what is pathetic about proudly showing off your lists? - but I can only applaud her obviously deeply held love of cataloguing and listing.

On her
website you can buy or covet a whole range of gorgeous things for your kitchen, including this very pretty shopping list. She says about it: "Only those who get through life by writing lists will know how crucial these pads and pencils are."

Nigella I salute you.

I'm off to start my own shopping list now.

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