Wednesday, 5 December 2007

This week's quotes

A list of things I have heard this week, that have made me laugh:
  • "Guess what! My mummy's got a baby in her tummy, and the baby's NAKED!!!" (O's friend, running into the playground on Monday morning).
  • "What do you mean they found it hard to balance? Don't they have a sense of balance from going skiing?" (an appalled work colleague, after I had told her about C & O's first time ice skating)
  • "Well it turned pink and then exploded..." (a very earnest woman on the tube, leaning across the carriage to talk to her friend)
  • "I am absolutely not ever going to do that" (me, in an important meeting at work, sounding like Charlie & Lola)
  • "You and Daddy love beer. You should marry beer" (O, to me, at breakfast time. C then clarified things by saying, "No - Daddy loves beer, Mummy loves cider")


  1. made me laugh out loud- particularly love your work related comment (may try that one on Monday when they ask me to make the tea) and the naked baby. Heehee.x

  2. this gave me quite the chuckle, Nancy! and stewed rhubarb... mmmm! made several dishes of that myself this summer! but you know my joints got achey? i heard too much inflames the joints or arthritis... have you ever heard that?



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