Friday, 28 December 2007

Where I was

Epping Forest - April 2007

Thames Chase Park - May 2007

Caerfai Bay, Pembrokeshire - May 2007

Spiers House Campsite, Cropton Forest, North Yorkshire - July 2007

Lower Bentham, Lancashire - August 2007

Dial House Hotel, Gloucestershire - August 2007


Wanstead, East London - September 2007


Kew Gardens - October 2007


South Woodford tube station - November 2007


  1. my, what lovely feet you have!! Particularly love the dial house photo-was there a gin and tonic in ones hand at the same time?!

  2. Absolutely! And notice the pile of magazines by my side - bliss :o)

  3. I like the pink nail polish best!

  4. Nancy, i totally, absolutely love the idea of chronicling your year thru your feet!!!! you're so creative! (this is a digital scrapbook page dying to be made - send me the pics and i'll make one for you!) and thanks for the xmas card - did you make that? it was so cute! i promise i'll write soon! hugs...



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