Sunday, 20 January 2008


Last night G and I went out for a wonderful meal, to celebrate 11 years of being together, which we washed down with way more wine than we are used to drinking. We are definitely too old now to have hangovers.

O had been asking for pancakes for weeks now, so to soothe our sore heads and appease the children I made them for breakfast this morning.

Good pancake toppings

  • Lemon juice and sugar (this one is by far the best for hangovers too - has a refreshing cleanness to it)
  • maple syrup and creme fraiche
  • runny honey
  • strawberry jam
  • golden syrup
  • chocolate or toffee sauces bought in a moment of weakness when shopping with children
  • sliced banana (perhaps with one of those sauces)

Even the making of pancakes is a nice, gentle job for a tired person. Whisking, pouring, watching and flipping.



  1. I love pancakes and so does No 2. Our favourite topping is banana fried in butter and maple syrup and a dash of lime juice then dollops of sour cream (it was a Waitrose recipe).
    Thank you for your comment - yes, I start this September!

  2. happy anniversary!
    pancakes are very popular for weekend breakfast in our house, bacon and maple syrup and strawberries is my fave topping. xx

  3. We don't have pancakes as often as I'd like but lemon with a sprinkling of sugar is soooo good. Congratulations on 11 years together.

  4. confratulations on your 11 years, has it gone quickly?!
    My favourite is lemon and sugar, I am a traditional girl at heart! One of my charges used to love Nutella and whipped cream on hers (only on VERY special occassions, or as a form of bribery on my part, did she get them though)

  5. Congratulations--happy anniversary! My DH LOVES pancakes. We have our 8th wedding anniversary coming up in March. I'm sure he'll want to celebrate with pancakes--LOL! Happy celebrating...((hugs))

  6. Happy 11 years!
    Pancakes are the best - in any topping!!

  7. Mmmmm I might make R whip up a batch after our dinner tonight! I love them with Maple syrup or Nutella!

    Happy Anniversary!


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