Sunday, 6 January 2008

Weekend working

January is always hard for me, as I have to work for the first two or three weekends and also put in very long days as the bank puts together its end of year results. I resent every damn minute of it, and each year I make a belated New Year's resolution to find a new job that doesn't require me to start the new year from such a low point. Maybe this year....

So this morning, on a beautifully crisp sunny Sunday, as the rest of the family were still lounging in bed, I was walking to the tube station as the dawn rose.

By the time I came back home this evening the sun had gone down again, and my weekend had vanished.

Various family and friends regularly work one or both days on a weekend, and I really admire their good humour and acceptance. They're not half as grumpy and resentful as I am.

But I don't want to make January unbearable for G, C and O, so my way of getting through it reasonably cheerfully is to make sure I have lots of small things around to lift my mood.
  • bars of posh chocolate - either small bars of milk chocolate studded with hazlenuts from Caffe Nero, bought on my way into the office and savoured with my afternoon cup of tea, or pieces from a large bar of Green & Black's as a restorative pick me up when I get home late in the evening.
  • plans for a new sewing project, to be finished once work calms down a little - this year its going to be a patchwork lap quilt from Amy Butler's In Stitches with nice big pieces, that I will be able to finish in a couple of days.
  • a good book or two on the go - at the moment its The Memory Garden by Rachel Hore and The Savage Garden by Mark Mills - and a pile of even more books waiting to be read.
  • nights out - yesterday I went round to old friends for gossip, champagne cocktails and fancy homemade party food. I gulped down the champagne and G nobly drove me home later in the evening. There is another big evening out being planned for next Saturday as G and I celebrate our 11th anniversary.
  • a holiday booked - we're going to one of these log cabins in February to blow the cobwebs away with a week's hiking and mountain biking.
  • bunches of pretty flowers. I've no idea what the ones below are but I saw them at a florists on Friday and just had to have them - they look like paper flowers, all tightly bunched up. So lovely!


  1. Please let it be known that I am both grumpy and resentful that I have to work on Saturdays-does that make you feel better?! However am very luck as do get a weekday off to compensate, which is rather lovely, and I usually spend at least part of the day with my Dad-this week we shall be working on the front garden!The flowers look like a type of peony, but I can't remember the exact name, am thinking it might start with the letter 'C' though. Darn it, won't sleep now!

  2. They are Ranunculus and they are indeed gorgeous!

    I hope you enjoy your evening and your chocolate melts away the resentment of having to work. I hate it when R has to work at the weekend as much as he does but thankfully it isn't too often.

  3. Darn it, Ranunculas! I knew that really...:)

  4. chocolate and books are great for restoring spirits I find, planning quilts and holidays even more so. love the flowers, don't think I could have resisted either!

  5. Love that list and have just checked out the cabin thing. North Yorkshire is on my list of places to go see this year, so that may well fit the bill. Thank you!

  6. Love the rununculus--such cheerful flowers. Great list today--thanks! Happy week ((HUGS))

  7. I'm beginning to hate work full stop! AND it includes every othe weekend which is lovely on those weeks when it's my off week but damn hard otherwise. It also means that the end of the week is the hardest day as it is very busy and hosting 2 childrens parties are no fun! I always look forward to a large glass of wine when I get home!


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