Sunday, 23 March 2008


The daftest things I do on a regular basis:

  • Come in from the garden holding some eggs and put them down somewhere 'safe' and only find them hours or days later.
  • Wave to complete strangers across the street thinking they are someone I know well.
  • Run down the tube escalators at rush hour. I never think I will get vertigo half way down and I always do.
  • Sing while I am listening to my iPod.
  • Put on my glasses in the evening when my eyes are tired. But forget to take out my contacts first.
  • Read scary books when G is away for the night and I just have two sleeping children and a creaky old Victorian house for company.


  1. I am always putting things in 'safe' husband hates it when I do this, they are so safe that they can rarely be found again...thankfully I haven't done this with food stuffs though...

    How funny that our girls have the same outfit - I was a little surprised at her combining the two, but actually I think it looks very nice. x

  2. I wish I could find my sunglasses case and my hands-free kit...last seen being put in a safe place!
    I always leave my daily eggs precariously balanced on the tiny windowsill next to the back door while I take off my muddy shoes, only to realise later on in the day when putting the hounds out!

  3. Safe place made me laugh ... and cry! How many times have I set something in a "safe" place only to have it go missing FOREVER? I swear these things grow legs!
    And I am constantly waving at people I don't know. It started out as a mistake, and just took root from there. ha. Hey ... they wave back.
    Found you at "all things lovely" and invited myself over. I enjoyed your post about traveling to work very much, especially the little details like rolling the lavender between your fingers, and the cracked step. Such good details. Really summoned up images. Good job!
    I'm sure I'll swing by again! (If you don't mind.)
    Wendy in Southern California

  4. You must have inherited putting things in a safe place and then 'losing' them from me! My new reading glasses were missing for about 8 weeks - enough time for me to buy another pair only then to find the originals! Have just finished reading Kite Runner, an amazing book and wonder if you have read it? Ma x

  5. Just to copy your Ma, I have just started reading Kite Runner, was on my new book tower! And to copy you, I always read scary books when Robs' away, and listen to the same creepy creaks on the stairs. Several months ago when I got home from work and it was starting to get dark I saw a guy walking down our road..thinking it was one of my best male friends I said 'Hi darling, what are you doing here?' twas only when he went bright red and started stuttering that he lived here, that I realised he wasn't my friend but the new guy who had moved in opposite. Oh the shame. Goes out of his way to avoid me now, think he thought I was looking for work....oops.

  6. I have a soul mate. I have been know to put things in very safe places. Sometimes they remain safe for years. Like my passport. Once I'd applied for a new one I found the old one, tucked up safe and warm in a towel at the back of the airing cupboard. Still not sure how it got there. Fairies maybe?

  7. now I'm sure I've seen a photo of you commuting to work in gorgeous shoes, so I'm impressed that you can run down the escalators, vertigo or not!
    and last time J was away I scared myself silly with a scary film, not doing that again........

  8. Hello - I have just discovered your blog and like it alot.
    I am currently in a state of despair as I have put my keys in a "very safe place" before going to California for a week and now have no idea where they are. I remember doing it - just wish I could remember where!
    Look forward to ready more
    Clare x


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