Saturday, 29 March 2008

Brain fizz

You can be pottering along for ages, thinking thoughts, doing stuff, making plans...and then every now and then there gets to be so much stuff in your brain, that it starts to fizz. I think at the moment its the fault of too much fabric in the house.

The big quilt is nearly finished; below is a preview.

The end is tantalisingly near - just a few more rows to stitch and then I can trim it and put on the binding. So with the end of the quilt in sight, I figured I could start planning the next one, right? Oh, and maybe give myself some time to sew a few bits and pieces for pregnant friends. Oh, and maybe an apron or two as well. And then there is my first sewing swap to plan - I will have to make a practise bag before I make the real one. And then...


At times like this you need a list or two!

Things made recently:

  • an apron - possibly for me, possibly not.
  • a couple of book covers, including one in fabrics that co-ordinate well with my iPod cover
  • half a dozen bibs
  • many, many hair scrunchies
  • nearly a whole quilt

Things to make soon:

  • more book covers
  • more bibs
  • the scalloped edged baby blanket from Bend The Rules Sewing
  • a practice Pleated Beauty Bag for my swap
  • the final Pleated Beauty Bag for my swap
  • some placemats for my sister's new house
  • another quilt (or two)
  • an apron on the theme of Havana Nights for Tie One On (tricky, this one)

My trouble is that I look at fabric, look at sewing books and just want to make everything.


This apron, made last weekend, is from Amy Butler's In Stitches. I love the pattern so much - the apron ends up looking very well finished, and the pleats always make me feel very competent.


The book covers are brilliant. They are from The Crafter's Companion. I altered the size a little bit to accomodate slightly larger books, and now I think I am going to have to make covers in a variety of subtly different sizes to fit a wider range of books.


So today, I am putting down my needles and avoiding eye contact with my fabrics. I am baking Driftwood's rhubarb and orange cake for my brother-in-law and lovely new sister-in-law who are coming round this afternoon. And I won't talk about fabrics to them for hours on end. No, I won't. Really.


  1. AAARRRRGGGHHHH where to start?! You sneaky sneak previewer, you! The quilt is looking fabulous, and I love the pear indeed. The apron is very pretty as well, as is the book cover. Sigh. You really are very talented with the old sewing machine, you know!Let me know how the cake turns out- I am hoping to have time to do my own tomorrow, otherwise will be next weekend. Looking forward to seeing the completed quilt!xx

  2. I would love to have 'too much' fabric in the house. I can never have too much fabric or too much paper. :-)

  3. I was wondering how the quilt was coming along - it looks fabulous. I've just started hand-quilting mine and so have bought the fabric for the next one. I find it spurs me onto finishing a project if I've got another lined up.

  4. Brain Fizz - good term. Over the past month or so I have been "collecting" crafty things from all over the place. I now have quite a healthy stash of fabric, needles, thread and even a sewing machine. I even have quite a few idea's, just not the foggiest where to start! Not the faintest. I am in desperate need of a book - and I hear so much about "The Crafters Companion" that I think I might go tomorrow and purchase it. I LOVE the book cover - especially the litte popper!
    Take Care
    Clare x

  5. You are putting me to shame! I am struggling to find time to sew as my little dear does not go back to Pre-school until Monday. And I have just been out for tea as I could not bother to cook!

  6. what gorgeous fabric, and lovely things you've been making.
    I do hope the rhubarb cake recipe worked ok, I got quite a suprise when I saw it mentioned......

  7. LOVE the book covers! Is there anything as too much fabric? You should see my mum's sewing room - it's a whole wall of fabric and it keeps on growing. I think that's one of my husband's greatest fears...that our new study, with heaps of shelves is going to be covered in fabric! Quilt looks very pretty too. I got my fabrics from Etsy so my fingers are twitching to make an apron! S x

  8. Rhubarb looks lovely. I've never had it but I hear it looks kind of like celery. How nice of you to bake for your brother and sister in law. And how amazed was I to see all of that lovely sewing? I have a quilt that I started about 20 years ago, and it's still in pieces. And here you are finishing. And I LOVE that apron. and I LOVE those book covers. WOW.
    You are a very talented lady, and I laughed out loud at one point in your post: "and I won't make eye contact with my fabric" ... LOL! So funny, you.
    Good luck with your projects. Thanks for sharing the links! I don't really consider myself to be a seamstress ... but now I am tempted.
    So ... thanks for tempting me! sort of. Not to worry ... every person who makes something lovely (baking, sewing, crafting, anything!) tempts me to join them with their lovely photos ...
    OK. It's 1 am and I am rambling and cant stop.
    So I'll stop.
    Good luck with your projects.

  9. Mmmmm!!! Off to get Driftwood's recipe. I have been craving rhubarb like a mad woman recently! :) Your quilt looks so lovely, Nancy!



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